ПАЛЬМ Экспо 2024

ПАЛМ Экспо
From May 30, 2024 until June 01, 2024 - (Check Flight)
Мумбаи - Бомбейский выставочный центр (BEC), Махараштра, Индия
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PALM Expo India | Sound & Lighting Trade Shows in Mumbai | Pro Audio Exhibitions


PALM was born out of the need for audio professionals in India to be able to attend an audio expo that would showcase the latest technology and equipment from global brands. It was a response to the need of professionals in the audio industry in India to have an expo dedicated to pro audio, exhibiting latest equipment and technology from major brands globally.

PALM Expo attracts 25,000 professionals from India each year for three days to help them advance their business and professional future. PALM's motto is 'professional at the core'.

Attendees at PALM are the most influential professionals in the industry. They are the key decision makers who the industry looks up to when adopting a brand or product. The world's leading brands are always present at PALM to display and demonstrate their latest innovations.

PALM's clearly defined Halls for Pro Audio, Pro Lighting, and Pro AV allows your product category be located in the most appropriate location, attracting the right buyer.

Three halls, totalling 29,000 sqm, are dedicated to pro audio, lighting and pro AV. They will feature over 500 brands, thousands of products, and every type of application.

C/o Workenstein Collaborative Spaces Private Limited
(Workafella), AK Estate, Off Veer Savarkar Flyover,

Помимо Radisson Blu Hotel SV Road,
Горегаон (Запад) Мумбаи, Махараштра 400062.

Число просмотров: 5942

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Мумбаи - Бомбейский выставочный центр (BEC), Махараштра, Индия Мумбаи - Бомбейский выставочный центр (BEC), Махараштра, Индия


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